Be a creator, be a unicorn

We're a creative community of people who believe in unicorns and who are unicorns themselves, always working, playing and developing ideas and projects for a better, empathetic and kinder world

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Hello, unicorns

Romania has many wonderful people (unicorns), who have stories to share and talents or super-powers that deserve to be mentioned. At Hello Unicorn, we’re celebrating cool people together, one unicorn at a time :)


Our mission

Empower people to use their creative capacity and unique skills, and work together towards improving their lives and the community they live in

What can you do at Hello Unicorn


Become a unicorn smarty-pants

We use the community's skills to empower and teach other people practical and up-to-date abilities

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Hello Unicorn Space

Work on personal projects

If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or digital nomad come join a small, wholehearted, fun coworking space

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And obviously, have fun

Get together to simply play, have fun, chat and get to know the people in your community

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