"We all have gifts and talents. When we cultivate those gifts and share them with the world, we create a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives."

Brene Brown

If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, creative person (and everyone is), or simply someone who wants to change the world (yes, that!), you might notice that the quote on the left is making you feel a bit warmer. If so, you're in a good place. Here, at Hello Unicorn, we believe that people have the power to be builders, to generate meaning and positive change around them. And to build, we have created a playful space to work in, to explore and to learn. Come say hello (unicorn ;))!

Hello Unicorn is our whole-hearted project aimed at strengthening the Romanian community.

Hi, I'm Corina and for me Hello Unicorn is the place where I can be as creative as I want with my projects. I am interested in developing human potential, and in encouraging people to be themselves, to create and not be afraid to explore. I love building the unicorns community, interacting with the amazing people who cross our doorstep and also working on my projects aimed at changing the world. :D Personally, I am into health psychology, behaviour design, behaviour change, habit design, UX design, and growth in general and I am using all these skills to build engaging social projects. I love learning new stuff. Come say "hello, unicorn" and let's have a chat.

Hi, I'm Angel and for me Hello Unicorn is a channel to give back to the local community. A space to explore ideas with like minded people and jump-start personal or joint projects which hopefully will have a long-lasting social impact. I'm an engineer and I love to solve hard problems and fix things, this has been a blessing and a curse when working with people and when trying to better myself as a person. Over the years I realised that real change always comes from within, but it's a lot easier when you have the support of the people close to you. So, gather around my fellow unicorns and let's try to make this country great again. :)))

Hello Unicorn Founders - Corina & Angel